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Flavoured Milk

Fat Content More Than 0.06% By Weight,Saturated Fat Content not more than 10% By weight


Pure Buffalo Ghee

Ingredients :Milk Fat 99.7%

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml of of Ghee

Energy Value, K.Cal : 900



Milk Fat : 4.3 g

Proteins : 3.3g

Minerals : 0.7g



Milk Solids (curd), Sugar,

Pasteurized water, Synthetic food colour & flavours

Vision & Mission


We are one of the Leading Private Dairy Players in India with a Chilling Capacity 2000 liters per day, Processing Capacity 2500 liters per day & Packaging Capacity 3000 liters per day. By deeply committing ourselves to innovation and to providing authentic, high-quality milk products we have grown multifold to occupy a sizeable share in India's Dairy Market..



Sunandini has created cold chain facilities from producer to consumer to ensure the freshness of the milk at all stages. The company has a team of veterinary supporting staff to educate the farmers on animal healthcare and clean milk production. This has enabled the farmer community to produce good quality milk..

Quality Checks


The company has established stringent quality control measures right from the milk collection level at a village to the consumers at an urban level. The various screening measures include screening for various adulterants such as sugar, salt, urea, vegetable oil, detergents, maltodextrin etc., with the use of electronic devices..



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